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For entrepreneurs we offer 2 lines of business:

  • Lakeside professional - Funding and support for commercial ventures
  • Lakeside pro-bono - Funding and support for social or other non-commercial ventures

Professional line

For entrepreneurs and ventures looking for funding and / or advice. 

  • Our professional line was created to support investments in commercial ventures. Its purpose is to raise startup and growth funding and support for young and quickly grow-ing companies. These investments support entrepreneurship and innovation, but they also target to earn a decent return on investment. Non-profit funding is covered in our pro-bono line.
  • We welcome the submission of investment proposals and are excited to get in touch with innovative business ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them.
  • How does the investment process work?
    • Contact us with a teaser via email or phone.
    • If your proposal catches our interest we contact you and invite you to submit your case and fund-ing proposal.
    • We evaluate your proposal (typically within 2 weeks) along our investment criteria (see below).
    • In case both parties are interested we invite you to present and discuss your case.
    • If at least one investor of the Lakeside network states interest to invest we will negotiate a term sheet.
    • Once the invest proposal and supporting documentation is ready we publish the investment proposal to our network of investors.
    • In parallel we enter the due diligence phase and draft the invest contracts.
    • If the deal is confirmed and investments are committed the contracts are signed and notarized.
  • What are our investment selection criteria?
    • The proposal provides a realistic and attractive business and growth opportunity 
      (cumulative revenue in first 5 years > 30 MEUR, revenue growth > 20%)
    • Convincing business concept with a differentiated value proposition (Substantiated USPs)
    • Realistic and attractive financials (net income from year 3-5 > invest in years 1-2 , internal rate of return (IRR) > 20%, 10-year NPV / invest > 3, payback period < 5 years (may be extended for tech startups))  
    • Strong and entrepreneurial leadership team (4C - competence, commitment, charisma, creativity)
    • An effective operating model (Profit margin, operational performance vs. competition)
    • Well explained funding proposal and willingness to offer appropriate investment terms 
      (capital sources & uses, appropriate return on invest for investors)
  • What do we offer?
    • As part of invest process (deal based):
      • Business plan & business case evaluation & feedback
      • Evaluation of suitable and fair terms between investors and ventures
      • Term sheet generation and contract generation (shared)
      • Expert advice and process support
      • Lead generation and networking
      • Fund raising support
    • As part of our invest consulting we support (billed):
      • Business & growth strategy development
      • Business plan creation
      • Business case creation
      • Org. development and leadership team selection
  • Duration: 1-4 months
  • Financing range: 50 - 500 kEUR
  • Cost: No fee applies for founders.

Submit an investment proposal:

Thank you for submitting your case to Lakeside Invest & Consult.

We appreciate your interest to leverage our investment platform and network. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Lakesideinvest team.
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Pro bono line

  • Entrepreneurs invest their time, passion and money not only in commercial under-takings but also in social, artistic, musical, literary, event based or other non-profit ventures. At Lakeside we consider these ventures as equally valuable as their commercial counterparts. Therefore Lakeside has created its Pro Bono line to support these ventures similar to their commercial counterparts by raising money and support.
  • How does the funding process work?
    • Contact us with a teaser via email or phone (contact form see below).
    • Submit your non-profit project proposal.
    • We evaluate your proposal for fit with our network and chance of success.
    • In case both parties are interested we invite you to present and discuss your proposal.
    • If at least one sponsor of the Lakeside network is committed to act as a lead supporter for the project we negotiate the proposal terms: To define the intended outcome, the funding requirements and the fund raising period. 
    • Once a project is chosen and ready for prime time it is presented to the network.
    • If the predefined funding requirements can be secured during the agreed fund raising project the project is a go. If not, not.
  • What do we offer?
    • At least one experienced coach (project angel) committed to make your project a success. We do not force our network to act as a coach, you have to win at least one of them over. Be creative, be convincing, be inspiring - be successful.
    • Expert advice and support on a voluntary basis.
    • Fund raising support.
  • Duration: 1 - 4 months
  • Fund raising range? 0 - >50 kEUR
  • Costs for you? 0 - 2% of the funds raised (decided on a case by case basis)

Submit a pro-bono project proposal

Thank you for submitting your pro-bono project proposal.

We appreciate you interest to work together with us to get your proposal funded. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Lakeside Team.
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