Lakeside Invest & Consult

Investing in you

Are you looking to found your own company? Or planning a major investment? Searching for an opportunity to invest?

Lakeside is offering investment support to you. We are here to help your investment succeed. We offer:

  • Help to found new businesses
    • Startup support and funding
    • Advice on business concept and strategy
    • Business plan consulting
    • Business case generation

  • Direct investments in selected businesses
    • As a business angel or business partner
    • As an investor in companies with strong growth potential mostly after proof of concept either in the form of equity stakes or credit loans
    • As an invest platform to bring your case to the notion of our global network of investors

  • Support to plan and execute capital investments
    • Investment strategy
    • Investment case generation 
    • Decision support

  • Advice on business growth & expansion
    • Business strategy generation
    • Quantification of growth strategies
    • M&A support

      Investment optimisation has a lot to offer. We typically observe an optimisation potential of 15-30% of the investment considered.

      Contact us if you are interested to learn more.