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A word of caution: Investing is a risky business. Even with careful selection you may still forfeit all of the funds invested. Aim for the return. Be aware of the risk.

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Dissatisfied with fonds, bonds, rents and other securities? Looking for more (ad-) venturous and inspiring ways to invest your money? Become an investor. Invest in ventures and people you believe in.

  • Lakeside is an international network of senior experts and investors. Our purpose is to provide interesting investment opportunities to our international network of investors. We also create the opportunity for investors to bring their experience to bear helping promi-sing ventures and entrepreneurs as advisors or business angels. 
  • Lakeside offers its expertise to screen and evaluate ventures brought to our attention - and make them available to you as investment opportunities.
  • Our network of investors is ever growing and we are excited to welcome new members.  Investors are expected to meet the criteria below to qualify for membership:
    • Investors have to sign our NDA and meet the criteria of an accredited investor according to SEC rulings (net worth > 1,000,000 $ or yearly income of > 200,000 $ (> 300,000 $  with spouse) for complete ruling see SEC regulation D, SEC rule 501(a))
    • Investor are expected to behave responsibly following the principles of a "respectable businessman” (German: ehrbarer Kaufmann): To trade responsibly and with integrity, to be trustworthy, to strive to strike a fair balance of interests between themselves and their business partners and to be oriented towards long term value creation. Members found to be violating these principles of proper trade may be exclu-ded from the network.
    • Business investments are inherently risky. Investors need to be aware of the econo-mic risks involved in investments and experienced in dealing with them. 
  • Typical invest volumes: 10,000 EUR - 500,000 EUR

  • Costs for investors: 
    • Membership: 200 EUR yearly membership fee for members joining during the startup phase. 500 EUR / yr for members joining after startup phase. 
    • Deal related: One time deal fee of 5% of the invested amount. 5% carried interest on returns achieved above the invested capital at the point of exit. 

  • Opportunities to contribute to new ventures:
    • Typically Lakeside investors take a consultative role, not a controlling or auditing role, to protect the entrepreneurial freedom of our funded ventures.
    • If both you and the new venture agree you can take on a business angle role. Our interpretation of a business angel is that of an advisor, not a supervisor. Business angles share their knowledge, expertise and provide access to their network. They do not run the business.
    • We openly encourage the exchange of expertise between investors and the ventures they invest in. The intent of this exchange is not restrict the business responsibility of the entrepreneurs but enhance it.

Interested to join or learn more. Please fill in our investor's form:

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