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Investment projects & opportunities

  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: Online supermarket
  • Status: Funding phase

foodo is a Lakeside funded startup to establish a regional online supermarket for the German & Swiss market. The project is in the final stages of the startup phase. The first pilot market will open in Konstanz / Kreuzlingen September 2015.

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  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: Online window seller
  • Status: Pre-series A

Ventoro offers windows online to the German market at an up to 35% lower price than the local competition, with a full service offer from one hand and with a selection that covers all major German quality window makers.

Part of Lakeside's investment portfolio. 

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Webdata Solutions

  • Type: Invest - Growth
  • Business: Web data mgmt.
  • Status: Closed

Webdata Solutions is a German provider that turns unstructured data from the web into a powerful source of competitive and market information for renown consumer brands and other customers based on years of research experience to deliver unmatched data accuracy and consistency. 

Part of Lakeside's investment portfolio.


  • Type: Invest - Growth
  • Business: Smart lighting solutions
  • Status: Growth financing

Lead Energy offers innovative, green LED-lighting solutions - easy to install and easy to use. Tunable (across millions of colors) and adjustable light that works at home and in the office. Lead Energy is already being distributed across >140 Hornbach outlets internationally - but also is available via Lead's online shop. 

Part of Lakeside's investment portfolio. 


  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: 3D Printing
  • Status: Growth investment

BigRep offers large format 3D printing for objects up to 1 m3. Ultra-precise positioning, multiple printing materials and a price that is a fraction of that of the closest competitor is what sets BigRep apart from competition.

Part of Lakeside's investment portfolio.

Watch a timelapse video of BigRep's printer in action.


  • Type: Invest - Seed
  • Business: Startup services
  • Status: Founding phase

Gründerschiff - the founders ark: Cast off and full steam ahead. Gründerschiff offers startups a full suite of founding services reaching from a business case building to legal, tax & bookkeeping support to design & IT services. Home port Constance but sails set for all of Germany. 

Part of Lakeside's investment portfolio. 


  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: Freelance media agency 
  • Status: Seed investment

Medialab is a startup project to found a freelance media agency for Konstanz and beyond. Medialab offers the full range of a modern & innovative media agency services. It creates an infrastructure and network of freelance designers that cooperate under the medialab brand to offer high-quality graphics & media desigat a higher speed and lower price than comparable agencies.

Startup supported by Lakeside. 

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  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: More fun for couples 
  • Status: Seed investment

Undercovers - the first app for couples that want to explore new options in their sex life. Classy, well designed and fun. Never a dull moment. "We aimed at creating a product that people truly enjoy. Hence, we dedicated hundreds of hours to phrasing questions, specifying tiny details and testing the software. We hope that our attention to detail was worth the while and that we are able to not only give you interesting insights for your partnership but also put a smile on your face in the process :-)". 

Part of Lakeside's investment portfolio.

  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: Mobile wine seller
  • Status: Exploration is an online art platform for young and less well known artists and art buyers that in search of unique pieces of art for an affordable price. also acts as an online forum for artists to display and sell their art to friends and the broader public.

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Invest in You (iiU)

  • Type: Invest - Startup
  • Business: Crowdfunding & -investing
  • Status: Exploration

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Startnext are redefining the way projects and have raised $2.7 billion in funds in 2012.

Invest in You (iiU) intends to bring crowd-funding (iiU pro bono) and crowd-investment (iiU professional) together and offer new funding options for commercial startups and pro-bono projects in Southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

There are more exciting investment projects Lakeside is investigating and that are available to Lakeside investors, but we cannot publish them here to protect the companies and investors. A more complete set of opportunities is available to Lakeside members in the member section.  Contact us if you want to learn more or if you would like to bring an investment opportunity to our attention.

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Consulting projects

Schreiner Group

  • Type: Advisory board membership
  • Business: Specialty printing
  • Status: Continuous

The Schreiner Group is a leading international provider of specialized print solutions such as medical labels, security labels & print solutions for documents & a broad range of other products as well as printed electronics. We have been asked to serve on the advisory board of the Schreiner Group.

Technology Crossover Ventures

  • Type: Consult 
  • Business: Private Equity
  • Status: Closed

Technology Crossover Ventures is one of the most successful private equity funds in the USA. We have consulted them on a potential investment acquiring a minority stake in a fast growing company with a specific focus on backend and product perspectives for the business.

Customer centric 

value chain

  • Type: Consult - Training
  • Business: Technology / Steel
  • Status: Closed

Executives of the Thyssen-Krupp group assembled in Barcelona as part of a learning expedition organized by WDHB. Lakeside was invited to provide a perspective on how to bring customer centricity to life across the value chain and in operations.